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Past show archive
Scottsdale, ArizonaMartini Ranch06/02/1310:00pmMap
Scottsdale, ArizonaTalking Stick Resort06/01/1312:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins05/24/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins05/18/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaCheetah Las Vegas05/17/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaBotero at Encore05/06/1310:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAThe Grand05/03/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins05/02/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaBlue Martini05/01/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaThe Boulevard Theater Las Vegas04/27/1310:00pmMap
Hermosa Beach, CaliforniaOcean Bar & Lounge04/13/1310:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAMatrixFillmore03/17/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins03/14/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaTryst Night Club03/02/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaBond inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas02/04/1310:00pmMap
Temecula, CaliforniaSILK The Night Club02/02/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NVTabu Ultra Lounge (MGM Grand Resort & Casino)01/25/1310:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAMatrixFillmore01/20/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins01/17/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins01/06/1310:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaBotero at Encore12/31/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAThe Parlor12/29/1210:00pmMap
San Jose, CaliforniaMYTH Taverna & Lounge12/27/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaBotero at Encore12/24/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaBotero at Encore12/17/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaTryst Night Club11/17/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAMatrixFillmore11/11/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CaliforniaCIRCA Restaurant & Lounge11/10/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NVTabu Ultra Lounge (MGM Grand Resort & Casino)11/09/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaDrai's After Hours11/02/122:00amMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins10/29/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaTryst Night Club10/20/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaArtisan Hotel Boutique10/20/122:00amMap
Las Vegas, NevadaInsert Coins10/19/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAThe Grand10/13/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CaliforniaManor West San Francisco 10/06/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NevadaTryst Night Club09/27/1210:00pmMap
San Jose, CaliforniaBlowfish Sushi09/20/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NVTabu Ultra Lounge (MGM Grand Resort & Casino)08/27/1210:00pmMap
Hermosa Beach, CaliforniaOcean Bar & Lounge08/25/1210:00pmMap
San Diego, CaliforniaU-31 Cocktail Lounge08/24/1210:00pmMap
Las Vegas, NVTabu Ultra Lounge (MGM Grand Resort & Casino)08/23/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAThe Grand04/07/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CASloane Squared02/11/1211:00pmMap
South, Las Vegas, NVGold Lounge (Aria Resort & Casino)02/09/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CARoe02/03/1210:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAThe Grand01/07/1211:00pmMap
San Francisco, CARoe12/30/1110:00pmMap